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I asked myself what is the pur... free essay sample

I asked myself what is the purpose of shaming an individual. Who has the right to shame another person? Why do you shame someone? What are the results of shaming? With these questions in mind, I decided to find answers. One thing I do know shaming is ageless and can be used as a tool to alter a persons thinking and behavior, intentionally or unintentionally. SituationGiving the above definitions, I get that shaming is to get people to do what you want them to do; if not, that person would be humiliated, ostracized and etc. An example of shaming (intentionally and unintentionally) would be my little sister named Mary. She is 5 years old. Mary is very intelligent, pretty and playful. Yet, she is always getting into stuff. She loves following me around and sometimes it can be annoying. I have two other siblings but they are teens. One particular day my mother, my siblings and I went to the Mall. We will write a custom essay sample on I asked myself what is the pur or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Mary was in a very playful mood. We were in a dress shop and Mary decided to hide underneath the clothing rack. We became frantic when we did not see her. She looked all over the store while she watched us. Finally, she jumped up from underneath the clothing rack laughing. We were so upset with her. My mother scolded her badly as people in the store watched. She told Mary that she knew better; she was to big to act like that; whats wrong with you; youre in punishment, etc. Mary, not understanding what she did was wrong, looked around at everyone, who was looking at her began to cry. She looked and felt shameful and hurt she buried her faced in our mothers coat like an ostrich sticking its head in a hold in the ground.AnalysisIn analyzing the situation, I felt hurt, helpless and embarrassed for Mary. I just wanted to hug her, but I knew that my mother was upset, frantic and anger because she thought her daughter was missing. Yet, I felt that my mother could have handled the situation better. Mary is only five, and had no idea that her actions (hiding from us) would cause a negative reaction (Mom being angry). In my opinion, I believe one reason why my Mom reacted the way she did because she was embarrassed by what people thought (losing a child). My mother probably thought that shaming Mary would get her to behave (control behavior).

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the advantage and disadvantag essays

the advantage and disadvantag essays In hot summer, come into the market, supermarket, will see the advertising campaign like a raging fire everywhere, And the possibility that often see and not waning for a long time is promoting at a discount. Shelve put to convert into money item are a feast for the eyes, very much showy a lot of, Some have disposed and promote personnel especially. Goods converting into money are mostly the daily articles, for example there is washing powder , the beverage , Paper handkerchief,etc.. Have the promotion at a discounts one ways a lot,such as: " buy X hand over X", favourable to sell at a discount while being heavy, is overbalance to add and send off and wait a moment direct converting into money. " converting into money" that we say, mean that the manufacturer passed the price which reduced the products, Promote and sell by way of giving special consideration to the consumer. One of the mains decisive factor while choosing the goods that because the price is often the consumer, Especially at products homogeneity ization high brand correlated with what time does it cost, the influence power of the price seems heavier by image. So, more and more commercials this kind of way of factory come to carry on popularization and promotion of the Generally speaking, this kind of promotion way can improve consumers to concern degree that retailed some goods to convert into money, Extremely effective in promoting and retail the sale clicked, its promotion to short-term sales volume has result of getting instant result. So, are often used as the smooth solving medicine of sales volume extensively by the enterprise  @ However, some marketing personnel deeply convinced ," converting into money" hasgreat strength of wounding to the brand, It may cause the negative effect to reach the profit of the enterprise and long-term goal. It can really influence consumers to convert into money, attract consumers to go to buy, make the products cause ...

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Public safety - mandatory vaccinations on school chilldren (also need Research Paper

Public safety - mandatory vaccinations on school chilldren (also need outline)- - Research Paper Example doza-Vaca representing their minor children presented an Amended Complaint challenging vaccination practice in New York on both the state and the federal law grounds. The plaintiffs claim that they have sincere religious beliefs, which are contrary to immunization practice. In one of their Amendment cause of Action, the three plaintiffs claimed that their religious rights were being violated when the school excluded their children from the school institution because of their religious beliefs thus running counter to the immunization practice. The three plaintiffs argued that the school arbitrarily and unconstitutionally denied their children the right to exercise their religious freedom that was based on the vaccination practice (Phillips v. City of New York. (2014). In this case, the court consolidated the actions of the three plaintiffs. For various reasons, the courts granted the New York City Departments of education and Defendants City of New York motion and dismissed the three plaintiffs on the Amended Protest in its entirety. In reference to Philips vs. New York, number 14-2156-cv, Lynch, Chin and Korman who were the judges upheld the decision of Judge William Kuntz on finding the law passed on constitutional muster. In reviewing the case to terminate pursuant to rule, the judges were supposed to accept the realistic allegations that were set forth by the plaintiffs as true. The children of the three plaintiffs were therefore granted religious exemptions in reference to the mandatory vaccinations. However, despite their religious exemptions, the three plaintiffs still complained of their children’s exclusion from school on every occasion where their children’s schoolmate reported a vaccine preventable disease case. Vaccination against life-threatening diseases remains one of the greatest achievements in health in the United States history. Generally, millions of premature death cases have been prevented while countless children have been rescued from

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Biorefinery Coursework Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Biorefinery - Coursework Example Switch grass is current used for the production of biofuel (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002). Biomass in Alberta Province of Canada (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002) Biomass Mean annual yield (Mg/h) Prairie sand reed 9.5 Switch grass 7.0 Big bluestem 5.5 Western wheat grass 8.8 Mammoth wild rye 7.7 Green needle grass 15.8 wheatgrass 7.5 Thick spike 6.7 Question 2 The following bio-products can be obtained from the bio-refinery: bio-diesel, ethanol, modified proteins, adhesives and resins, solvents and lubricants as well as industrial plant-based oil products (such as fertilizers, plastics), and plant-made industrial products (such as composites), Propose conversion technologies that can be applied in the biorefinery to produce the identified products; at least two different paths to ethanol should be included Biomass handling technologies for the production of different bio-products from the biomass listed in the Table above involved harv esting, transportation, storage and pre-processing and fermentation or anaerobic digestion. Pretreatment is carried out by hydrolysis of lignocellulosic material with dilute sulphuric acid (0.7-5% v/v) in two stages to yield fermentable sugars such as D-glucose, D-mannose, D-galactose, L-rhamanose, D-xylose, L-arabinose, and uronic acids. The first stage is carried out at 140 Â °C for 15 min to hydrolyze the hemicelluloses and in the second stage proceeds at 190 Â °C for 10 min to breakdown the cellulose. Any residue cellulose is hydrolyzed enzymatic ally. The bioconversion of D-xylose into ethanol from hemicellulosic materials is limited by the presence of toxic compounds, such as phenol, furfural, 5-hydroxymethylfurfural and acetic acid. These toxic compounds decrease the bioprocess productivity. The toxic compounds are removed by use first adjusting the pH to 9-10 by using Ca(OH)2 to facilitate the removal of the toxic compounds and this is followed by readjusting the pH back t o 5. The hydrolyzed hemicellulosic material will be fermented with S. cerevisiae for ethanol production. Alternatively, ethanol can be obtained from the biomass by carrying the pretreatment process by means of steam explosion at 160-290 Â °C, 0.7-5 MPa. The process depolymerizes the cellulose and the hemicellulosic materials. Detoxification and fermentation processes as describe above is carried out to yield ethanol. For each possible path, estimate how much ethanol can be produced per year. Use theoretical yield if the actual conversion efficiency is unknown. Theoretical yield Percentage of cellulose in Switch grass is 40.2% (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002) Percentage of hemicelluloses in Switch grass = 32.5% (Jefferson, McCaughey, May, Woosaree, & McFarlane, 2002) Hydrolysis of 1 kg C6 sugar polymers gives 1.11 kg monomer sugars Hydrolysis of 1 kg C5 sugar polymers gives 1.14 kg monomer sugars Fermentation of 1 kg glucose (C6) gives 0.511 kg ethanol Theore tical yield = ([(40.2 *1.11) + (32.5*1.14)] * 0.51) Theoretical yield = 41.65/100 = 0.42 kg/kg feed = 0.55 L/kg feed Comment on the logistic aspect (mainly the transportation of feedstock) of the biorefinery, taking into account the scale of operation, the distribution of feedstock, and

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Advantages and disadvantages of WAN

Advantages and disadvantages of WAN Assumption. The company consist of 4 buildings, one as headquarter which located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and three as branches which located in Jakarta Indonesia, Bangkok Thailand and Manila Filipina. The company consists of 4 departments that are admin staff, IT department, marketing department and human resources department, which have total 40 employees in every office. Each department has 10 employees, which mean every departments room consist of 10 personal computers. LAN architecture will be the same between headquarter and branches. Every building Consist of 3 floors, 1st floors for administrator staff and human resources staff, 2nd floor for IT department and server room and the 3rd floor for marketing and meeting room. Every department has its own peripherals such as printer, scanner, and Photostat machine. Projector will be in meeting room. Have connection to the Internet and connection to each office. Headquarter office has external backup which located in Malaysia nearby headquarter office approximately 2 km, its provide backup for the database. Problem identification. The company does not have network yet. The company does not have DBMS (Database Management System). The company does not have backup yet. Security issues. WAN explanation. There are five sites in the WAN diagram, consist of headquarter office which is located in Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, three branches offices which is located in Thailand Filipina and Indonesia and one external backup which is located nearby headquarter office. The function of external backup is to keep the data as the original data. WAN topology. Basically WAN topology is almost similar with the LAN topology consist of point-to-point topology, ring topology and star topology. There are several advantages and disadvantages for every topology. The advantages and disadvantages of each topology will be shown in table bellow. For this company we suggest to use star topology because it is more scalable, provides shorter data paths between two sites and easy to add new nodes, if someday the company will expand the business by adding new branches in the other country it will easy to add to the existing WAN, the disadvantages of star topology is it has single point of failure at the concentrator routers. To overcome this problem network administrator tend to add some alternatives links between sites. WAN transmission technology. For WAN technologies we will do comparison between three technologies that are leased line, frame relay, X.25 and PPP. For WAN technologies we suggest to use frame relay because it can provide performance similar with the lease line with significantly less cost over long distance. Another reason is reduce internetworking cost because with frame relay required fewer port to access other network, increase performance with reduce complexity and definitely it is cheaper than leased line. Lower cost over long distance makes frame relay is good for this company because the branches office located across the country. Technology. For WAN technology we suggest to use VPN (virtual private network). VPN is alternatives technology to replace the more expensive WAN technology. The advantages of VPN that available online on: (http://www.universitydissertations.com/Communications/using-VPN.php) are, provide well security method, less expensive when compare with the WAN technology, reduce setup times, fast network link, simple network topology and productivity improved due to less constraints when compared with other networking methods. And the disadvantage of VPN is limited security for wireless users. According to the comparison above, we suggest to use star topology to each department. It is because star topology is more robustness, when one link fails only that link is affected and not the entire networks, and also it is easy to add new devices into the network if someday the company will expand the network. The major disadvantages of this topology is dependants on the hub or switch, if central hub or switch fails the entire network will be affected, but sometimes this dependency will becomes another advantages of star topology, because it make easy to troubleshoot the errors, if the entire network is not working it will be problems in the hub or switch. And for connecting each floor, we use backbones cable. So overall LAN topology for each office is using tree topology that combines BUS topology and STAR topology. It will combine the advantages of both topologies, which is easy installation, expandable, combine between multipoint and point-to-point. Transmission media. According Michael Palmer and Robert Bruce Sinclair (2003), when choosing the best medium for LAN or WAN, it is important to consider the capabilities and limitations of each type, including factors such as: data transfer speed, use in specific network topologies, distances requirement, cable and cable component cost, additional network equipment that might be required, flexibility and ease of installation, immunity to interference form outside source, and upgrade options. For LAN transmission media is using UTP and fiber optic. UTP or Unshielded Twisted Pair also known as 10BaseT is one of twisted pair type. There are several category of UTP, namely, cat3 has a maximum transmission rate16 Mbps, cat4 maximum rate up to 20 Mbps, cat5 has transmission rate 100Mbps, cat5e transmission rate up to 1000Mbps and cat6 has a transmission rate up to1000Mbps. For cat5e and cat6 is support for using gigabyte Ethernet. For UTP cable in this LAN we use cat5e and cat6. Cat5e is using to connect workstations and peripherals to the switch and switch to the backbones in each departments room. The reason why we select the UTP cat5e because it has high-speed networking capabilities of up to 1000 Mbps. Another UTP that we use is cat 6 to connect between backbones cable and server. This cable can carry twice the bandwidth of cat5 and has less crosstalk than cat5e. Whereas for backbone cables we suggest for using fiber optic, no doubt about it that now a days fiber optic is the best cable. Why we suggest using fiber optic, it is because highest bandwidth than other cable, resistance to electromagnetic interference and Radio frequency interference, secure transmission and early detection of cable damage. The main disadvantage of this cable is very high cost. LAN protocol. We use TCP/IP (Transmission Control Protocol/Internet protocol) for protocol. The reason why we use TCP/IP because: according Michael Palmer and Robert Bruce Sinclair (2003), it has many advantages includes: It is used on most networks and Internet, which makes it the international language of translation. There is a wide range of network device designed compatible with TCP/IP. Most computer operating system now uses TCP/IP as their main protocol. There is a larger body of network professionals who understand TCP/IP. There are several protocol and application of the TCP/IP suite. In our network we only use application that we need such as FTP, DNS, STMP, Telnet, HTTP. FTP (File Transfer Protocol) There is three transfer protocol that support with TCP/IP: FTP, TFTP and NFS. For our network we use FTP because it is the file transfer protocol options preferred by Internet users. FTP is an application that enables to transfer data from one remote device to another, its very useful application in our network because the user in branches office can log in into the headquarter office and download one or more data files, the user have an authorized user ID and password on the host. DNS (Domain name system) DNS is used to converts a computer or domain name to an IP address or that converts form IP address to a computer or domain name. STMP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol) STMP is used for sending email. SMTP can only send text files, so files in other format must be converted into text files before sending through STMP. By using this application the staff can send and receive the email. Telnet (telecommunication network) Telnet is used to communicate with host computer usually mainframes minicomputer and to ensure that all network devices connect properly. HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) HTTP is used World Wide Web communication. Using this application protocol the staffs can use internet properly in their workstations. Security. Proxy server. Proxy servers are devices that operate as intermediary agents on behalf of clients that are on a private or protected network. Clients on the protected network send connection requests to the application proxy in order to transfer data to the unprotected network or the Internet. Consequently, the application proxy sends the request on behalf of the internal client. (Jazeb Frahim and Omar Santos, 2005). According to Michael Dance in (http://www.ehow.com/facts_5016663_functions-proxy-server.html) the functions of proxy server are, caching: proxy server will save frequently accessed resources to save the bandwidth and faster loading, content filtering: it will filter the accessed web, by blocking certain web, security: when accessing the website proxy servers send Internet requests through a proxy before reach website destination. The proxy will encrypt the information, such as a password, before passing it onto the website. DMZ (Demilitarized zone) Basically DMZ is separate between public server and the LAN to allow external user to access into public server without access the internal server. Benefit of using DMZ is, by separating the public server with the private servers if someone hacks into one of public server does not mean that he can hacks into the private servers and also does not afford any easy route to the LAN. Multimedia devices.

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Markov Analysis

1. Describe the internal labor market of the company in terms of job stability (staying in same job), promotion paths and rates, transfer paths and rates, demotion paths and rates, and turnover (exit) rates. Transition Probabilities for 2010-2011 Sales, Full-time 1. 50% stayed the same 2. 10% transferred to part-time status 3. 5% were promoted to Asst. Sales Mgr. 4. 0% were promoted to Regional Sales Mgr. 5. 35% left the organization Sales, Part-time 1. 5% transferred to full-time status . 60% stayed the same 3. 10% were promoted to Asst. Sales Mgr. 4. 0% were promoted to Regional Sales Mgr. 5. 25% left the organization Asst. Sales Mgr. 1. 5% were demoted to full-time sales 2. 0% were demoted to part-time sales 3. 80% stayed the same 4. 10% were promoted to Regional Sales Mgr. 5. 5% left the organization Region Sales Mgr. 1. 0% transferred to another job 2. 70% Stayed the same 3. 30% left the organization 2. Forecast the numbers available in each job category in 2013.Job 2012 Categor y Employees SF SP ASM RSM TOTAL EXIT Sales Full-time (SF) 500 250 50 25 0 325 175 Sales Part-time (SP) 150 7. 5 90 15 0 112. 5 37. 5 Asst. Sales Mgr. (ASM) 50 2. 5 0 40 0 47. 2. 5 Region Sales Mgr. (RSM) 30 0 0 0 21 21 9 Work Sales Full-Time (SFT) Sales Part-Time(SPT) Asst. Sales Mgr(ASM) Reg Sales Mgr a. ) . 50 x 500 = 250 b. ) . 05 x 150 = 7. 5 c. ) . 05 x 50 = 2. 5 d. ) . 70 x 30 = 21 . 10 x 500 = 50 . 60 x 150 = 90 . 80 x 50 = 40 . 30 x 30 = 9 . 05 x 500 = 25 . 0 x 150 = 15 . 10 x 50 = 5 . 35 x 500 = 175 . 25 x 150 = 37. 5 . 05 x 50 = 2. 5 3. Indicate potential limitations to your forecasts. A. ) As a rule, it is desirable to have 20 or more employees in each job category/level. Some of the cells contain less than 20 cases. So the estimates based on these figure can yield unstable estimates of future availabilities. B. ) There is a possibility of results not being accurate due to multiple moves by employees.The analysis cannot detect multiple moves by employees between T and T+1 ; it only classifies employees and counts their movement according to their beginning (T) and ending (T+1) job category/level, ignoring any intermittent moves. C. ) The forecast assumes that all employees in a job category/level have an equal probability of movement. This is unrealistic because organizations take many factors into account. Because of these factors, the probabilities of movement may vary among specific employees.

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Alternative Medicine Essay

Alternative medicine describes practices used in place of conventional medical treatments. People increasingly prefer alternative to conventional medicine. The reasons for this are pretty simple – it is safe and it works! And USA is not an exception. It is estimated, by none other than the Harvard Medical School, that one out of every two persons in the United States between the ages of 35 and 49 years used at least one alternative therapy in 1997. Alternative medicine actually encompasses a very large array of different systems and therapies ranging from ayurvedic medicine to vitamin therapy. Ayurvedic medicine is a very comprehensive system that places equal emphasis on body, mind, and spirit and uses a highly personalized approach to return an individual to a state where he or she is again in harmony with their environment. Ayurvedic medicine uses diet, exercise, yoga, meditation, massage, herbs, and medication and, despite its long lineage, is as applicable today as it was 5000 years ago. Traditional Chinese medicine combines the use of medicinal herbs, acupuncture, and the use of therapeutic exercises such as Qi Gong. It has proven to be effective in the treatment of many chronic diseases including cancer, allergies, heart disease and AIDS. Homeopathy is a low-cost, non-toxic health care system now used by hundreds of millions of people around the world. Chiropracty primarily involves the adjustment of spine and joints to alleviate pain and improve general health.   Naturopathic medicine also strongly believes in the body’s inherent ability to heal itself. Vitamin therapy or orthomolecular medicine uses vitamins, minerals, and amino acids to return a diseased body to wellness. Biofeedback, body work, massage therapy, reflexology, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, and various other forms of energy medicine round out the vast spectrum of alternative medicine modalities. More then 50 % of Americans use some kind of alternative medicine. Actually, it may happen so, that in future alternative medicine will totally displace allopathic medical remedies. But nowadays almost 40% of people still visit their doctors. References Benedetti, F., Maggi, G., ; Lopiano, L. (2003). Open Versus Hidden Medical Treatments: The Patient’s Knowledge About a Therapy Affects the Therapy Outcome. Prevention ; Treatment, 6, 1, 23-27.